Casper the dream

Once upon a time there was a dream, named Casper. Casper was the dream of a very shy boy, known as Jonah, even though his real name was Jonathan. Jonathan and Casper were the best of mates and played together every night and even during the day they hang out. The best thing about their friendship was that everything was possible when they played. Their imagination, of which they had no shortage, was their only limit. Another important thing to mention is that in Casper and Jonah’s world everything was positive!

Well…. everything was possible and positive until one day things started to change. That day was difficult and sad for Casper, because he waited and waited for his friend, but Jonah didn’t come until nightfall. When he finally arrived, he explained to Casper that he hadn’t had time during the day to play. Casper didn’t really understand what ‘time’ meant and where to find it when you don’t have it. He was confused.

After that day things went from bad to worse. Jonah started setting limits to their game. Sometimes they were time limits, other times they had to do with imagination, which he was losing bit by bit as he was growing up. However, Casper the dream didn’t have an age, like all dreams, and as the years went by a distance grew between them as Jonah started to forget about his best mate. He would tell himself that Casper was only a dream and that he wasn’t worthy of that much importance in his life anymore.
Until one night Jonah, the teenager, lost his dream. He searched, but he didn’t find him. After having waited for so long, Casper felt so sad and lonely, that he had gone to a quiet spot to hide. Jonah didn’t look for him again and he forgot about his best friend Casper all together. What importance does a dream have anyway?

Jonah grew up to be Mister Jonah, a serious and timid man, just like he had been when he was little. He didn’t talk much and spent most of his time working. He thought that that’s just the way life is. But without being able to explain why, he sometimes felt a bit empty. It was just a feeling and he didn’t pay much attention to it, because he was rational man.

Until one day he got up and felt so strange and empty that he did something extraordinary, something he had never done before. He called his boss and said he couldn’t come to work that day, because he was sick. He went back to bed and fell asleep again. Something happened that morning, that hadn’t happened for many years…. Mister Jonah had a dream!

He had an emptiness inside, so big that it could only be filled in one way. It was exactly what Casper needed to reappear in his best friend’s life. Because what those empty spaces always lack are dreams. Casper and Jonah found each other that morning and gave each other a huge hug, while crying happy tears. It had been so long since they had seen each other after all. Casper hadn’t changed at all, but Jonah or Mister Jonah now, was no longer the same and had totally forgotten how to play their game. Luckily Casper had (and still has) lots of patience, because he doesn’t know what ‘time’ is. So without hesitation nor a grudge he retaught his friend how to use limitless imagination as well as the belief that everything is possible. Jonah started to remember again.

From this day on they played together, like the old days, every day and every night for the rest of Jonah’s life.


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3 thoughts on “Casper the dream

  1. Dorien

    Mooi Daan!!

  2. wendela heering

    Mooi Daan!!

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  3. Niels

    gevoelig, diepzinnig en zet tot denken, mooi !

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