If I were the sun

If I were the sun
Across the sky I would run
Touching everything I’d lay my eyes upon
With my warmth, embracing all and everyone.

But if I were the sun
So hot and bright
People would also wish for the night
I’d have to disappear and hide
For my rays would burn and set alight
That which would come into my sight.

And if I were the sun
I’d be worshipped for my power
But I’d be locked up in a tower
Like a lonely desert flower
Wishing for a smile or a rain shower.

So if I were the sun
I’d like to be a tiny one
Making all around me smile instead of run
That would be so much fun

Now it occurs to me with delight
What if that little sun already exists inside
Patiently waiting for the day it need not hide
So it can come out and play in broad daylight

It quietly sits until the moment I unlock its gate
And dare to live without being afraid.
Until then it will simply wait
For it knows it’s never too late.

If I carry this warmth, enough to share
What If I just open up, without a care
Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air?
How about I dare?


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One thought on “If I were the sun

  1. Jos

    Je hebt inspiratie en gebruikt het, opa Martin zou dit net als ik ook mooi vinden.

    xxx mama

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