Watch this and reconnect!

I just watched this fantastic documentary on earthing/grounding and now I want you all to watch it and get excited just like me. It talks about the incredible effects of the earth energy on everything on this planet, including of course us human beings. Back in the day we were grounded all the time without having to go through any great effort, just because of the way we lived. We worked the land, touching the soil all day and then we would rest and rejuvenate still touching the earth in our sleep. These days it’s quite a different story. Our new day to day reality has a lot of consequences to our health and the documentary talks about this and how to reconnect and heal your body, improve your sleep and feel great. It really inspired me to start grounding myself more often AND to make a grounding contraption for my bed and for when I am sitting in front of my lap top.  If you get inspired like me after watching this documentary, have a look at the YouTube videos I added for more info on DIY grounding sheets!






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