Bamboo family on display



There they are, standing proudly at De Tuinwijzer in Wognum, The Netherlands, waiting for this weekend when they will be admired,  glanced at and talked about. My neighbor Rody van Doorn is taking over this garden design/maintenance company together with his good friend and to celebrate this moment, an open day has been organised at their showroom.  That’s where my bamboo family is hanging out, happily awaiting their new homes. As for me… just enjoying the calm before the storm. “Huh? What storm?”  I hear you think.  Well, that absurd, non-stop ringing of my phone, those emails flooding my inbox and sky-rocketing blog-comments by crowds of excited people, generously offering me their money in exchange for a bamboo-plant-pillar of course!!!

Ohh… you want one too? sure, just send me an email:

Bamboe tuincentrum Rody

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One thought on “Bamboo family on display

  1. Jos

    Leuk om dat in zo’n mooi plaatje te zien.
    Ik kan helaas zondag pas gaan kijken.
    Er staat nog in bestelling kleine tafelstukjes bamboe met een waxinelichtje!
    Als ik meer heb, dan weet ik je te vinden.

    kus mama

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