Black fingernails, blisters and a smile!

Yesterday Serge and I gave Jan & Hilda’s city garden its finishing touch by putting up an espalier wire system for the young plum tree I planted last week. It will grow along the fence and provide tasty plums to eat. This garden now also contains rosemary, basil, mint and sage, which don’t just smell good but also attract bees and are great to eat. Ohh and very healthy!

The design technique I used was to Design-as-I-garden.
And so I started by removing the giant ivy plant that covered the fence. Check it out in my Gardening in The Hague post on this garden. I then removed part of the fence, to create the feeling of having a bigger garden. City gardens simply have limited privacy, so why fence yourself in completely? The upstairs neighbours will see you anyway!

Then came the circular terrace, which I designed together with Jan & Hilda to get the exact size and positioning they prefer. The entire terrace is made re-using the old bricks, simply cut in half and in quarters. Great suggestion Serge! The low wall surrounding the terrace is made of smashed 50 x 50 pavers. Real ugly when whole, but so good-looking when smashed and stacked!! The old hard wood bridge was demolished and now covers the  concrete slab at the bottom of the stairs. Finally, together with Jan & Hilda I bought a colourful selection of perenial plants, from grasses to flowering plants and a climber for the other fence.

Thanks Jan & Hilda for providing me with such a fun space to transform. I thoroughly enjoyed myself playing in your garden!

Who’s next? If your garden is calling for me… send me an email! or call me on 0031 634956873

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