Ask yourself…Who am I?

I am doing a 21-day meditation challenge with Deepak Chopra and every day after the 15-minute meditation, there’s a journal to fill out with 3 questions. I find this part of the challenge very interesting and today one of the questions really got me on a roll.

Ask yourself the question, “Who am I?” and write for ten minutes without stopping or censoring your responses.Who am I? 

I am dAAn, and in this world and this time around I was born in 1979 in Hoorn as a child of my parents Niels and Jos. I am a kind person who loves drawing, gardening, sharing with others, helping others, seeing a lot about the world and figuring out how the different cultures are around the world. I have a fascination with other people and customs and always wonder about us all running around on this planet, with all our ways, languages, habits and different outside looks. And then what fascinates me is that on the inside we all want the same and are the same. We want love and to be save and happy. We all want to receive love and give love. We all love sharing with other people and laughing and eating and relaxing. In order to get this we fight and murder and rape and pilage each other, but we are all the same. Who am I is the question. Right now I am dAAn from Holland, but once I may have been alkfj from lafjl or lafkfak from lkafjd. Who knows and it doesn’t matter. My spirit remains and my body keeps changing. The circumstances keep changing but I remain the same. I am a soul in the universe, wandering around , experiencing life and its different challenges. Experiencing death and rebirth. experiencing , experiencing, experiencing. That’s what we’re all doing continuously. So … who am I? I am the same as you!

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4 thoughts on “Ask yourself…Who am I?

  1. Dorien

    Mooi!! Zo mooi dAAn! X

  2. Michel

    Como siempre, gran placer y muy rico leerte dAni! 🙂

  3. Dank je dOOrtje!

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