Welcome to planet earth little Mila!

Months ago, as I was walking along the North coast of Spain, Janine asked me to make a drawing for her and Mikkel. They wanted to use my graphic on their card announcing the birth of their baby girl. My initial idea involved Juan Pablo’s artistic collaboration, in the same style as this drawing we did together. I would draw, using a black marker pen and he would then colour it on the computer. As he was out of reach, I drew and hand-coloured the image myself.

The image represents new life and change. A bud turns into a leaf, a caterpillar builds a cocoon, and then transforms itself into a beautiful butterfly. Also, the leaf has the shape of a heart, representing the love of parents for their child.

I really enjoyed this baby card project and am excited to do more of them. Personally I like both styles equally and when Juan Pablo comes back onto the radar, the computer-generated style may be a possibility. For now I will hand-colour the images. My philosophy is stick to what you do best and enjoy the most and in my case that’s drawing. The finished image can simply be uploaded and used in an online program to design a card. Very easy!

If you are interested in my graphics, send me an email: daanpino@gmail.com

Mila's card

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One thought on “Welcome to planet earth little Mila!

  1. janine & mikkel

    We absolutely love the card! And Mila does too -she just doesn’t know that yet;-)
    Thanks dAAn!

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