Am I too strong?

I must be too strong.

Am I perhaps a superheroen, but are my powers limited to gardens?What other plausible explanation could there be for me breaking three spades while clearing this garden?
Spade number 1 I had borrowed of my cousin and upon entering the soil,  it snapped in half.
As I giggled and scretched my head, I decided to not loose precious gardening time and try my luck with a friendly neighbor.

‘Spade’ number 2, the friendly neighbor’s antique version of what is now called a spade, touched the soil just 3 times when the very tip bent and I put it aside, too scared to break it by even blinking at it. I got lucky when another neighbor offered me his spade and I spent the rest of the afternoon happily stretching my back-muscles while humming to the tunes on my Ipod and clearing the jungle this garden had turned into. (first photo below)

The next morning I went straight to the hardware store, as I wasn’t about to borrow another unlucky spade.

Spade number 3, el cheapo, made contact with mother earth only twice before the steel part curved around to laugh at me and said: ‘Take that little miss super hero, I am made to look pretty, not to touch the soil!’

Spade number 4, what luck will it bring me? This one is a fine Praxis specimen, and NOT the female model as I figured….. I am just too strong. Spades can’t handle the touch of dAAn-the-super-heroen-gardener!

Nicole's houseboat-gardenNicole's houseboat-garden

If you like me to break a spade in your garden, balcony, roof-terrace or whatever patch of green you treasure and you are in The Netherlands, give me a call on 06 34 95 68 73  or email me at

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