One lucky roof garden!


Such a fun afternoon on Femke & Daan’s roof garden in Amsterdam. As I sheltered the garden with reed-mat, it instantly became a cosy space to hang out and enjoy a wine. Watching the constant buzzing activity of bumblebees around the flowers I planted, I was so happy to see that the new habitat I created was an instant hit with these amazing and vitally important insects. They inspire me to continue the green virus I am spreading whereever I roam, planting flowers, trees, herbs… anything to add some life to this greying planet.

Are you in the Amsterdam region and keen to green your garden, roof-garden, balcony, backyard, ‘gevel’tuin, wall or any space that wants to be alive?

Or perhaps you are anywhere in The Netherlands and experiencing a great lack of bamboo around your place?

Send me an email: or give me a call 0031 634956873

I’d love to get my hands green!

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2 thoughts on “One lucky roof garden!

  1. mama

    Het kleine stukje dat ik kan zien van het terrras ziet er leuk en uitnodigend uit! Hoe groot is het terras?
    Waren Fem en Daan blij met het resultaat en is het af/klaar?
    Op naar de volgende groene klus/handen!

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