March against Monsanto, speak out against genetic engineering

Finally some conscious people have decided to speak up against this monster of a corporation.
That’s fantastic. I hope the world will join them!

In The Netherlands the march will be held in Wageningen on the 25th of May 2013.
Check out this website if you’re interested. I hope you are!

If you’re interested in learning some more about Monsanto, genetic engineering or corporations,
there’s some real informative DVD’s to watch:

The Future of Food
Explains in an easy-to-grasp way what genetic engineering does and its dangers.

The corporation gives shocking truths about the social, legal, economic and environmental impacts of corporations.

The world according to Monsanto
That title speaks for itself.

While I am on a roll with all this docu tips, why not have a look at one of my favorites.
This one is a bit more light-hearted compared to the others:
The Yes Men, a movie, follows a couple of anti-corporate activist-pranksters as they impersonate World Trade Organization spokesmen on TV
and at business conferences around the world.

These guys rock and have made some more movies after this one. Check out their site!

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