Body over mind.


´dAAn!´… ´dAAntje!´… ´dAni!´… ´dAn!´
´What´s that noise?´, thought the little giraffe
and walked on…
´hmmm that´s odd, I am sure I heard something, but where
did it come from?´, thought the white-faced pilgrim.
´Oye loca!´… ´listen to me you crazy one!´
The little giraffe-white-faced-pilgrim-girl slowed down to a stroll.
I was like this little voice came from the inside.
´How odd´
´Hmmm, an inner voice that doesn´t shut up´, pondered the flightless wandering
While still puzzled by this reoccuring phenomena, the voice shapeshifted itself
into a new form.
It started calling itself Pain and had a voice much more aggresive than before,
like it was yelling from the inside out through a loudspeaker.
The floppy-pants-globetrotter came to a halt, gripping her walking poles tighter and leaning forward onto them,
taking the weight of her legs.
´Pfff my legs hurt´, she thought and wondered how far to go until the next Albergue.
The shapeshifted voice, now called Pain, wasn´t having any of this mind over body bullshit
and decided to show this love-sick traveller the result of ignorance.
Agony is what he called it and presented itself rather abruptly.
´I can´t walk anymore´, said the Dutch girl in her broken Spanish to her new friends.
´My ankle is killing me and doesn´t want to go any further, I may have to catch a bus.
That´s so strange… I was fine before and suddenly I can hardly put one foot in front of the other.
A little warning would have been nice…
Ohh well, perhaps a few days CouchSurfing in Santander may do the trick…´

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