Punta del Perros

Perros, perras y cachorritos
Punta del Perros could be a better
name for this little ocean town than ‘Punta del Diablo’
Going for a walk is always an adventure. I may
start off alone or with my dog Pinocchio and in the blink of an eye
I am the leader of a pack of stray dogs.
All good until you come across another pack …
I learned how quickly dogs can switch from being the cutest
to the meanest…The tamest to the wildest
I learned that it´s all about food for them and that with the new rubbish
containers, dogs are going hungry
24 puppies in a 1 kilometer radius.
Casey and I were looking after Jazzy, a stray mummy of 9 puppies, which were
quickly reduced to 8, then 7, then 6, and overnight to 4,…well three and a
half really. And now that El Dani has left town and with that his adopted dog
Pinocchio, and Casey and I moved on to explore …
Pinocchio´s back on the street again, together with his new mate Jazzy and
her cachorritos.
I miss you Pinocchio!!!
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