So fun to draw them.
And to colour in too.
But having circles as a way of communicating is quite a new one to me.
A new concept and ancient tribal tradition that I really like.

I am talking about a circle of people, sitting around talking one at a time and listening to each other, like our ancestors have done for so long, around fires, in forests, on plains, in deserts and on mountains.

First introduced to me two years ago in New Zealand and a month ago reintroduced to me  at the community of Buda, its significance was at first not that clear to me.I was so terrified at the thought of speaking in public, surrounded by a group of people looking at me, that it blurred the bigger picture of why these circle talks could be helpful.

Now, while still nervous, very much so, of sharing my thoughts and emotions with the outside world, I feel the necessity of opening up in order to grow up emotionally.
For me doing so in this tribal way allows me to feel connected to past traditions and people. People who were living in close connection to nature and the spiritual world.

As well, I love it how in a circle one person speaks at a time, the one holding a special object like a stone for example. The others listen with full attention and without taking words personally. In lots of non-circle conversations or discussions I’ve had, everyone talks at the same time and often it seems more important to talk than to listen.
This doesn’t work for me.When the speaker has finished talking, he passes the stone to his neighbour and on it goes.
The stone can go around several times until everyone has said all they felt like. Then the person who opened the circle, usually with some words of appreciation, closes it as well.

On this journey of mine through Latin America one of my major challenges has become learning how to express  my emotions without burying them deep inside, like I have been doing.
The circle will be a great new tool I think.

With my new fascination of the Mayan culture comes a new greeting to you all:



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