Freyre, Cordoba, March 2012

Once upon a hot and sticky night in El Pueblo Freyre, in the heart of
Monsanto’s jewels of soya beans and corn, an alien entered town. The
first time since its residents recall.
It was a female with long blond wavy hair, carrying with her some old
bags. This creature with a foreign tongue arrived by regular human
transport: El omnibus.
She was met by another female alien. This one was much smaller and
travelled by bike.
Their hiding place became the casa of abuela Irma Pignatam, a cheeky
old local senora with a sweet tooth for all dulces de leches and
alfajores, homebaked and bought!
These alien chicas danced on her roof under the full moon, puzzling
neighbours and attracting policia like bees to honey.
In an attempt to blend in they were seen drinking mate after 5pm every
day with Irma’s family, whilst conversing in Spanish. This only led to
greater confusion and laughter with the locals. Who were these
creatures and what did they come for?
With a critical eye on local produce, not eating meat or dairy and
spending their time knitting or dying fabric with mate, they remained
a mystery to folks in El Freyre.
Even Sebita, Irma’s grandson, got infected with their strangeness and
was seen planting at midnight and making compost heaps in the dark.
After 9 days La dAni, the blond one, was waved off by alien Jane
(localy known as Juanita) and Sebita on her way to her next
destination, Buenos Aires.
To be continued..

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