La Vida en Buda

Over here everything is spikey, so barefoot-Frodo and master Samwise
would have an awefull time crossing these hills on their way to Mordor.
Every tree, shrub and insignificant-looking little plant has some
vicious thorn just waiting to penetrate an innocent wanderer.
But sometimes when one gets lucky to escape….
there might just be an angry red ant lurking behind a rock with his little
brothers and sisters ready to attack.
Besides all this, and did I mention snakes and scorpionitos, these 450 hectares
are a colourful paradise of flowers, creeks, butterflies, fig trees, birds,
diaperless babies and spiritually engaged happy and healthy people.
At an altitude of 1400 meters with a backdrop of mountains lies the budding
community of Buda: three couples with three babies, running a small retreat.
4 rooms and a separate cabin up the hill a bit. And then there´s us volunteers Manu, Sebas,
Noe, and some other come-ers and go-ers.
Future visions are for a much larger, self-sufficient community where children
play a key role. The three babies are seen as the founders of this place as they
´told´ their parents at last years aura-reading-course that they wanted to grow up
at this place, together. One year later and it´s all happening.
It feels good to be part of a community at these early stages, to really feel like all ideas are
welcome. I just about finished building a new mate/playground spot in the vege garden,
which is looking great and together with Noe, I am giving the gardens around the house
a make-over.
Sooo good to catch up with Noe, Sebas and Manu, after spending some fairytale-like
weeks together in the magic buses at Tui community in New Zealand last year.
Next on dAAn´s to-do-list…. catching up with Jane and Sebas and then
off to Buenos Aires and onwards to Uruguay!!!
abrazo enorme

d A A n

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