La dAni does Buenos Aires

La dAni does Buenos Aires
La dAni does nada
La dAni does nada en Buenos Aires

From 0 to 34 degrees
From beanie and gloves to sunnies and flip flops
From Dutch to un poquito de Español
From ? and !     to      ¿? and ¡!

Housesitting in Amsterdam becomes housesitting in Buenos Aires
Coffee becomes mate
Hallo becomes hola
ha ha ha becomes ja ja ja

My blue backpack still holds my stuff
oh no… mis cosas
Tommie still sleeps in my bed
oh no.. mi cama
Still loosing my head if it wasn´t screwed on

Once again, inspiration to draw
Once again, inspiration to write
Once again, inspiration to learn
Once again, inspiration to inspire

Abrazo enorme
Huge hug
dikke vette knuffel

la dAni

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One thought on “La dAni does Buenos Aires

  1. Nicole

    jeej first writings:-))
    dikke vette knuffel terug zussie
    Enjoy!!!!! hier is t vet KOUD!!

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